Friday, March 9, 2012


Well, here I am...trusting God for EVERYTHING! Sounds like a DUH moment doesn't but for me it's an A-Ha! kind of moment. You see, for the last year all I have been listening to, learning about, reading about is TRUST/FAITH. Of course, thinking the entire time that I trusted God completely and I guess I did to an extent. When it came to my family I trusted that God would cover them and protect them and love them. When it came to guidance I trusted that God would be there to guide me in my decision making. What I didn't trust God in was my finances. I wonder now why that was and I am pretty certain that it was because in my heart I knew I wasn't doing my part. My heart was all bound up in the area of TITHING. I have blogged about that before. My first paycheck in January started my lifetime committment to giving back to God what he provides for me NOT because he needs it but because I need to soften my heart. I need to TRUST in this area. I need to bless others and WOW...can I just tell you what happened!!!!!?????!!!!

First, we received our income tax money 1 week early! Yes, that was something that was mine to begin with BUT I know of people that filed the same time that I did and they still don't have there money! I CALL THAT FAVOR.

Second, when bonus time rolled around at Oreck, as always, they tried to manipulate and weasel out of paying it but not only did they pay the bonus, Jason received an extra amount because he signed on to work a shift that noone else could work. I CALL THAT FAVOR.

Third, I desperately needed a new car. My car was horrible. It was unreliable. When we went to look for a new car we found one right away. We told the guy what we wanted to pay for it, how much we had to put down and GUESS WHAT? We drove home in a 2006 Nissan Quest, fully equipped with any bell or whistle you can imagine! For the first time in 6 years I was able to put all my children in my car including Christopher's fiance and go see my parents in NC and we were riding in pure comfort. AGAIN, I CALL THAT FAVOR!

Then, March 1 Jason and I both lost our jobs! GUT PUNCH...Dear God, this was not in the plan :) While I was relieved that I NEVER had to scan that Oreck badge again a little bit of anxiety set in. However, God brought to my remembrence all the things that had happened in the last couple of months and I knew that his plan is better! Since that day I have reassessed our finances and am blown away at the fact that with all the income that has been coming in and the income that Oreck has promised we are going to be set for a couple of months. Just enough time for me to start my online classes at Tech! An evanagelist was at LHC around the first of the year. He said to me that a dream that I had would be restored and carried out...PEEPS THIS IS IT. I have longed to raise my son and go to school. I have attempted this several times and failed everytime! This time...I can see success :)

Jason has a part of this also! Remember, Jason lost his job too. He hasn't said much to anyone about it (including me) but I know that a man's pride is injured when he isn't able to provide for his family. There is something about getting up and going to work that tells a man he is being a man. We have talked about what kind of job he would like to have. What he would LOVE to do and he said to me..."I hate looking for a job" well guess what??? He didn't even have to look! I checked the mail yesterday and believe it or not he received a LETTER from TDOT asking him to call to set up an interview time!!! Better pay, Better benefits just BETTER. I stood there looking at the letter and literally had to close my own mouth. I text a friend of mine and told her to prayer for favor when he called these people...her reaction "Sounds to me like he already has favor"...DUH..Thanks for the reminder!

I went to the movies last night and was thinking about all of this on the way home! I had stopped at Wendy's and enjoyed a frosty with my BFF and of course, we talked about trusting God and making decisions (Good One's) and I thought about Jase and his innocence. No matter what decision he makes, good or bad, when the consequences of his decision show through he comes to his mom/dad (whichever is closest). He trusts us to celebrate when he makes a good decision. He trusts us to love the tears away when he makes a bad decision. When I made a good financial decision I always ran to God to rejoice! When I made a bad financial decision I always ran to that dead girl for her to fix it! But, not anymore!!!

My point is this:
I will TRUST God in all things! This blog just happens to be his proving true in the finance dept :) There are so many other issues that he is taking care of for me as we speak but those will have a blog of their own!

Even when things have seemed complicated and mixed up for me I look at MY GOD and know that he has pushed all of it to the side and is working on one thing at a time. All I see is a life of pure simplicity! My God is so good!!

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