Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Catching some ZZZZ's

Before I even begin this blog let me begin by saying that I LOVE PEOPLE THAT SNORE :) With that being said...

For years the simple idea of being anywhere near someone that snores absolutely infuriates me. It's so bad that it would actually alter any trip I was taking if I thought I had to sleep with or near a snorer!!!! I just wouldn't go!

Well, the other night I was so sleepy. I didn't feel well and I just wanted a good nights rest. There are two men that live with me that snore and sometimes snore REALLY loudly. In the middle of the night I am awaken by SNORING! I was livid. I was sleeping soooo good!!

First nudge was to Jason! "Stop Snoring" I demanded and he turned over. I dozed back off again and again SNORING. OMGosh....I got up again and marched into Christopher's room. So, so, so mad that I was going to force him to MOVE OUT TOMORROW! There is no reason in the world that his snoring in his room should be able to penetrate walls and wake me up but it did. He was soundly and SILENTLY sleeping. I marched back into my room and fell back into my sound slumber.

Imagine my surprise the following morning during my rant about not only being disturbed once but twice by snoring to find out IT WAS ME! I woke MYSELF up snoring! ME! How is this possible? How is it possible that I could be making this unforgivable noise in my sleep. The hate and disgust I felt for myself at that moment!!

Ok, ok! It's not that big of a deal but God really showed me something during this lesson.

We really shouldn't create such a spot of anger in our hearts about a behavior that someone else has. We should be so understanding when it comes to others because one day you just might wake up to find that your behavior was the cause of all of your anger!


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