Wednesday, October 31, 2012

31 Days to Seeing Through God's Eyes: Day 31-What I have learned the past 31 days

Here we are y'all at the end of the 31 days of seeing through God's eyes. I don't know if any of you readers really "got" anything out of it or not but boy did I.

Things I have learned...

I am NOT a quitter!

I know God much better than I thought I did.

Even if I have only touched ONE heart through my 31 day journey, that is ENOUGH.

I AM ENOUGH especially the ORDINARY me.

When God guides the blog it flows much easier.

I am NOT Ruthanne, Kristen, Lisa Jo or Kate. I am Michelle and what I have to offer is amazing. Noone else can offer it but me.

God is my biggest fan.

When you sow, you reap! I am the one that controls what I reap and what I sow.

My small circle of friends are such great supporters of my dreams.

We all wear a mask of some sort at some point or another.

My heart is full of worship and love for God.

God speaks to me ALL THE TIME.

God just had to show off last night. I was a little worried about some things and God woke me in the middle of the night. He kept saying to me "Worry crushes worship", "Worry crushes worship". I couldn't sleep because of the worry so instead I turned my worry into worship. I started thanking God for all the great things in my life and drifted back off to sleep. This morning I see this post by Joyce Meyer on facebook. It said "Worry and worship are exact opposites, and we'd all be much happier if we learned to become worshippers instead of worriers"

WHAT? Me and Joyce Meyer on the same page??? That's exciting y'all....


You just have to listen. The more you hear that voice the more you will start "Seeing Through God's Eyes"!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

31 Days to Seeing Through God's Eyes: Day 30-YOU ARE SEEN

Do you ever feel alone in a room full of people? I sure have and sometimes I still do.

However, one thing I have learned from my experience with the loneliness is this:

Most times, I have created the wall the separates me from the crowd but sometimes it is just a vain imagination. Of course, it could be that everyone in the room is tired of hearing my "junk", listening to me whine and they really ARE ignoring me (LOL).

Either way, I have to remember that if NOONE else in this world ever chooses to sit beside me, if NOONE else ever chooses to invite me to lunch or a dinner party, if NOONE else ever SEES me in my happy times or my times of need GOD SEES ME.

Think about Haggar a minute. She was going along minding her own business working for Abraham and Sarah. Sarah asked something of her and she did it then Sarah turned on her. Because Sarah was so mean to her Haggar fled to the desert(side note: Haggar's name means "Flight", interesting huh?)

Anyway, while out in that desert you know Haggar must have felt invisible. Invisible to everyone around her-especially to God. But then an angel appeared. Another side note: God didn't wait for Haggar to come to him...he met her where she was in her desert. Everyone knows the story. After the angel appeared to her and gave her instruction, Haggar gave God the name "El Roi" the God who sees!! He sees US. He sees YOU and ME. He sees that we are scared. He sees that we need comfort. He sees when we are happy and when we celebrate. He sees everything and CARES about US. That is such an amazing thing.

Remember that no matter where you the desert by no fault of your own or in a room full of people YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

God sees you!

Monday, October 29, 2012

31 Days to Seeing Through God's Eyes: Day 29-Actions vs. Words

This post has been on my heart for a couple of days now. I haven't posted it yet because I had to check my heart motives for it. Was I going about it to "put people in their place" or was my goal really to help people? Finally, God spoke to me loud and clear! "Michelle", he said, "regardless of YOUR motive behind it MY motive is to set people free!" And with that...I am typing :) It all started at my book club meeting on Thursday night.

A great friend of mine said to me, "I am a human BEing not a human DOing." Which makes perfect sense to me! God didn't create us or require us to DO anything to be more righteous in fact the only thing we have to DO is accept Jesus and BE all the things he calls us. That is good news y'all. That is freedom.

The concept of actually allowing ourselves to be human BEings and doing things for the kingdom out of that fascinates me. In fact, I find myself still mesmorized by it all. When I am BEing all that God calls me; all the things I DO are effortless. I had a constant thought all weekend about things I DO. Am I doing those things because of who I am or am I doing them out of a need to BE someone else.

Fast forward to Sunday morning during praise and worship at my church. The praise and worship team is singing the songs chosen for the morning.

"My chains fell off my heart was free. I'm alive to live for you!"

Immediately, God said to me, "Are you? Do your actions show me that?" Next song:

"My hope is in you God. I am steadfast, I will not be moved. I'm anchored, never shaken. My hope is in you."

Again, God said to me, "Is it? Do your actions show that?" Next song:

"Your Presence is all I need, It’s all I want, all I seek Without it, without it there’s no meaning. Your Presence is the air I breathe The song I sing, the love I need
Without it, without it I’m not living."

Once again, God spoke to me but this time it was different. This time he said, "Look around you. Does this generation believe this? They SAY they do but their actions speak louder than their words."

What I saw was a generation of people that say all the right things about God but I didn't see any worship. I didn't see any response to God. He was there, so present but there were people talking to their neighbor, texting, sitting, biting their nails. God called us to worship and I know we all worship differently but I also know that there was alot of NON worship going on. This same generation of people are called to BE great things and they say all the right words but their life, their actions say something completely different.

James 1:8 says "Their loyalty is divided between God and the world, and they are unstable in everything they do."

So, I ask you this...what do your actions say about your walk?

Do you always SAY that God is good yet you mope about your situation?

Do you SAY that you are a worshipper, yet sit during a praise and worship service or talk to your neighbor?

Do you SAY that God has set you free but you are so tangled up in bondage that you can't lift your hands to the father that loves you?

Do you SAY that God has prospered you yet you hoard everything you can get your hands on?

Sometimes I am guilty of all of these things! Are you?

If you SAID yes, repent (change your mind) about yourself.

Your words create your future! Don't let your actions speak louder than your words!

Friday, October 26, 2012

31 Days to Seeing Through God's Eyes: Day 26-First Things First

I have had so many FIRSTS this week!

The beginning of the week started with me for the first time trusting God with 100% of my whole self. I was still a little squemish on the inside but God and I...we got this :) I also volunteered at the Habitat for Humanity Cooking on the Square. It was so much fun. Finally, I VOTED TODAY! It was awesome and I almost cried I was so thrilled. Silly? Yes, maybe but it was an experience for me :)

I was so proud of my sticker!!! Check me out!

Of course, thinking about all these firsts in my life got me to thinking about God and how often we put him first. All the following books of the bible have a verse in them referencing firsts: Ezekiel, Proverbs, Nehemiah, Romans, 1 Corinthians, James, Numbers, Leviticus, 2 Chronicles, Jeremiah, Deuteronomy and 2 Kings. I would think that God was trying to tell us something here!

Really think about it...

How often do you put God first?

When you have a problem is God the first one you cry out too?

When you have a celebration do you immediately thank God?

When your feet hit the floor is God the first thing on your mind?

Does God get the first fruits on payday?

Just something to get you thinking tonight...on that priority list of yours where is God?

It's time to put first things first! Happy Friday!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

31 Days to Seeing Through God's Eyes: Day 24/25 (combined)-Revelation after Revelation

Where to start with this...

Our church service last night was amazing! We talked about being vulnerable and what that looks like to us. The first word that came to mind was "weak". Of course, I didn't shout it out because that would require me to be vulnerable! I mean what if everyone thought that my answer was stupid. Speaking out would mean that I had opened up and everyone would know that I thought being open and honest was a weakness. I also believe it takes a strong person to be open and honest. It takes nerves of steel to be vulnerable and it makes everyone else look strong but it makes ME feel weak. My perception of MYSELF when I am vulnerable is that a weakness is being exposed. It's the craziest thing. However, I am learning that through my weakness (vulnerability) HE makes me strong. My weakness (vulnerability) helps shed light on HIM so HE can encourage someone else. When I share from my heart, the honest stuff, others are able to relate and open up their heart to hear God's voice. For that reason alone, I will stay in this "weak" state of being. Even if it is only for the growing process of others. Isn't that what it's about anyway? Encouraging each other? Hearing God's voice in the growth?

That revelation last night led me to this part. You see, I have been dealing with a real heart issue for a couple of months now. It's not a huge deal to some but for me it has been gigantic. I have noticed it all around me and therefore didn't want to address the issue. After examining my own motives I realized that sometimes the tough stuff just needs to be said. Plus I really have a difficult time relaying my heart in this area so bare with me.

A couple of posts ago I talked about you being a farmer. You don't get to choose if you are a farmer or not. You ARE a farmer. You will reap what you sow.

Think about this:
If I plant a seed in my neighbors yard and go over and water it everyday guess what's gonna grow in their yard?? WHATEVER I PLANTED...

Our words are so powerful. My question is this:

what are we saying about each other?

I know there is a very fine line in this. I know that you can't make someone believe something about themselves. What I am talking about is what you tell others about someone. I am talking about planting seeds ABOUT others.

Susie and Jane are having lunch. The topic of Rosie, a close friend of them both, comes up. Susie simply says "Jane, how is Rosie?" Jane responds with "Well...Rosie just found out that Bob (her husband) has a gambling problem and she is really struggling (Seed #1) but they are going to counseling (seed #2) so they should be fine. Let's just pray for them."

Innocent enough right?

What happens when that counseling is over? What happens when Bob has recovered from this addiction?

More than likely, Susie will NEVER forget that Bob had an addiction. Susie will have that seed in the back of her mind. Susie may have never see Rosie the same. Depending on Susie's heart she could see Rosie as a failure. You just never know. Maybe Bob tries to get a job with someone Susie knows. Because that seed was planted Susie could very likely tell the hiring employer of Bob's incident. Rosie is now the unfortunate friend that deserves pity and blah, blah, blah.

Do you see where I am going? Let's replay this scenario..."Jane, how is Rosie?" Susie should respond with "Jane, Rosie could really use some prayer. Ask God how you could pray and encourage her today."

How would that change this whole story!!

It just seems in today's world nothing is secret anymore. You hear the saying all the time "Secrets don't make friends". That may be the case but in most cases "Secrets keep friends". By that I mean, protect each other. Don't tell each other's stuff even if you are talking to your very best friend. Even if it seems so innocent. Don't help someone create a judgement about someone else.

One more thing...this goes for people's good stuff too. Another lesson I learned recently is that we can judge something good or bad. But here is the deal...just because WE judge something as good and "Shareable" doesn't mean that the person wants it shared. IT'S THEIRS TO TELL. Don't steal their thunder! Let them share their own good news.

I feel like I am on my soap box now so I will just stop and leave you with this...

Ephesians 4:29 says "Let no corrupting talk come out of your mouths, but only such as is good for building up, as fits the occasion, that it may give grace to those who hear."

Mark 12:31 says "The second is this: ‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself.’ There is no other commandment greater than these.”

Romans 13:10 says "Love does no wrong to a neighbor; therefore love is the fulfilling of the law. "

Do you get the picture?

Don't go planting seeds in your neighbors yard...I would hate for them to have to reap what YOU sow.

PS. This applies to your kids stuff too. Don't go around and tell all their stuff either :)

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

31 Days of Seeing Through God's Eyes: Day 23-GLORY TO GLORY

Since the 31 day challenge is closing in on 31 days I was getting a little panicked about what I was gonna blog about. But, then grace showed up and reminded me that all things that God shows me is worth sharing even if it doesn't exactly "Fit" with the series. That excited me because I wanted to share this so badly :)

Yesterday I was talking to God about sermons that have been taught over and over. I was thinking about how someone can teach something over and over and over and some people get it immediately but some hear it for 20 years and never really HEAR it.

That's when I posed the question to God.

How is it that some people seem to go Glory to Glory while others just go struggle to struggle?

It's not that the teaching is different. The word isn't different cause it NEVER changes. Grace has been taught so many different ways that if we don't understand it by now we have a learning disorder. God loves us PERIOD. He has given us all things pertaining to LIFE and GODLINESS. We lack NOTHING.

That's when God started talking to me! Side note: this has been such a busy weekend/week for me. My BODY has been so busy but I am learning that even when your body is busy, you can keep your mind and heart at rest and hear from God. It's a good thing. Back to the point:

God revealed to me that EVERYONE goes situation to situation. The difference is the way they see it. For the ones that learn from the situation and get some type of revelation from it, it is Glory to Glory. But for those that just seem to wallow and groan and complain and pity themselves, it is struggle to struggle.

WOW..I will choose Glory to Glory!!

Let me give you a quick example! I am telling off on myself a bit but that's ok...
You see, I have not been a great money manager EVER! My parents spoiled me rotten. I got what I wanted when I wanted it so self deprivation is sparse around here. I digress...I have had my fair share of money problems!! I used to see each one as struggle to struggle because I would moan, groan and gnash my teeth. I would whine "Why God are you doing this to me. You have the power why can't you just fix it" ...pitiful huh?

Then I started seeing these for what they were...learning experiences (trials). I have learned so much about my heart beliefs, about God's promises and his love. These same situations that were previously struggle to struggle are taking me Glory to Glory! Fact is that the situations are fewer and fewer since Glory to Glory has taken over! Thank you Jesus!!

What a revelation!!

I encourage you to learn from your situations! I encourage you to stop complaining! I encourage you to ask God for wisdom, for revelation! When a situation arises GO TO THE THRONE AND NOT THE PHONE. Talk to God FIRST.

2 Corinthians 3:18 says "But we all, with unveiled face, beholding as in a mirror the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the same image from glory to glory, just as from the Lord, the Spirit"

The message says it this way:
"Whenever, though, they (us) turn to face God as Moses did, God removes the veil and there they (we) are—face-to-face! They suddenly recognize that God is a living, personal presence, not a piece of chiseled stone. And when God is personally present, a living Spirit, that old, constricting legislation is recognized as obsolete. We’re free of it! All of us! Nothing between us and God, our faces shining with the brightness of his face. And so we are transfigured much like the Messiah, our lives gradually becoming brighter and more beautiful as God enters our lives and we become like him."

Can you imagine during your situation, God being personally present and you being pitiful? That is absurd. If you are pitiful, you are NOT beholding him as in a mirror!!! The mirror is not reflecting the power in you! It is not reflecting the overcomer that you are!

During your situation (trial) what do you see in the mirror? Powerful or pitiful?

During your situation BEHOLD HIM.

You will learn something about HIM and YOU. You will see that you are finding yourself moving GLORY TO GLORY!

Monday, October 22, 2012

31 Days to Seeing Through God's Eyes: Day 22-Wisdom, Emotion and Motives

OK Y'all. I did it. I jumped on the Guest Post bandwagon. I think this is normal in blog world I just never thought that anyone would want to guest post on my blog LOL. When I decided that I was going to ask, the first person that came to my mind was Ms. Sallie Arro. I had a chance to spend some time with her recently and let me tell you...that woman has some wisdom!

Here we are ladies...ain't we cute?? She is the one riding solo on the right :)
Enjoy what she has to say about wisdom, emotions and motives! Be's a good one!! Take it away Ms. Sallie:

I wish I could remember who said the statement below because I would really like to give them credit. It has changed my thinking about myself and others a lot. It has also helped clarify why I need to keep snuggled up close to Holy Spirit.

“Since the fall, man’s wisdom is faulty, emotions are unreliable, motives are impure, and vision is limited."

The wonderful thing about coming to grips with all humans having faulty wisdom is it keeps me from putting others on too high a pedestal thinking that everything they say or write, is the be all and end all; and from being too hard on myself since I can’t know it all. I can relax and rejoice in what I do know and take advantage of what others have learned from their mistakes so I don’t have to go down the same road and get beat up by you know who. In James 1:5 we are told, “If anyone lacks wisdom, let them ask of God, who gives to all liberally and without reproach, and it will be given to them.” How cool is that? I don’t have to depend on the faulty wisdom of men when I’m in a jam, I can go to the God who created the universe and keeps it spinning and He will reveal everything I need to know and He won’t be upset because I asked. In fact, He wants me to.

Because we can’t rely on our emotions to lead us correctly all the time, it is good that God loved us so much He made provision for us to be able move toward the destiny He has planned for us. In Galatians 5:16, Paul admonishes us to, “Walk in the Spirit and we will not fulfill the lusts of the [emotional] flesh. God knows the awful things that lurk within the human heart and how easy it is for them to pop out before we even realize what we are saying. And sometimes when we do recognize it is just our ego [Edging God Out] wanting to prove a point. Holy Spirit knows how to stabilize our emotions so we don’t say or do things that would make the God we say we serve look bad.

For a long time, I tried to convince myself that although I recognized some of my motives were impure, I really did have some good motives once in a while. But the more the Scriptures and Holy Spirit revealed to me about Jesus and God’s love, the more I realized it was just a rationalization that was leakier than a sieve.

And as for limited vision, as I sometimes watched plans I had carefully constructed for success in various areas of my life next week, next year and in the years ahead crumble like sand castles hit by the incoming tide, I came to understand (and sometimes appreciate) I could not see very far past the end of my nose. If I can’t see clearly for my own life, I certainly can’t for others and need to be careful that I don’t fall into the trap of thinking I’m Holy Spirit Jr. and can straighten them out with my faulty wisdom.

Joyce Meyer points out God is not surprised or disturbed by all my failings and shortcomings. He knew what He was getting when He called me. On top of that He has a plan for me that will lead to abundant life now and forever. He has given some instructions about how I am to live, but even with those He reminds me in Philippians 1:6, “be confident of this very thing, that He who has begun a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ.” and Philippians 2:13, “it is God who works in you both to will and to do for His good pleasure.”

So I can snuggle up with Holy Spirit and rest assured that as long as I keep my focus on the Lord and His Kingdom, He will take care of everything that concerns me. Easy to say, but the world, my flesh and the devil are arrayed against that plan. Yet God wins and so do I.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

31 Days to Seeing Through God's Eyes: Day 21-WHERE ARE YOU?

Before anyone notices it or reminds me, I know I missed Day 18 and Day 20. Sorry folks, life called and I had to answer.

This journey! Where are you on yours?

The particular life incident I am talking about led me to some soul searching myself. My sweet friend and my girls Nana passed away over the weekend after a LONG battle with cancer.

Here she is with her family! Aren't they sweet? They loved her so much!

She loved God with her whole heart. I heard her worship. I heard her pray. I watched her read the word. She believed in the power of healing yet she didn't receive it. Now, I don't have all the answers. I don't want to speculate what her walk with God was like, what type of relationship she had with Jesus or on where she was in her heart. That sure wouldn't be fair but what I do wonder is


Where are you on this journey? If you were to get really sick, would your heart yield to the promises? If you experience a life changing situation, would you yield to the power in you to change it?

God gave us all we need the moment you received Jesus. The same power that raised Jesus from the grave is in us right now. The power that the lady with the issue of blood felt come from Jesus' garment (not his body, his garment-THAT IS POWER PEOPLE) is in us! The healing power that healed the blind man, YUP we got that too.

All the promises are YES and AMEN.

Find out for yourself what the promises are! Revelation is an amazing thing! Search out the word for the promises then really search your heart and be honest with yourself about where you are! Do you believe they are for YOU and not just for someone else. Do you believe somewhere in your heart that you DESERVE what is happening to you? Really search your heart. Really find out the truth that YOU believe about YOURSELF.

Don't fool yourself into thinking you believe the promises only to find out in your time of need that you don't.

Friday, October 19, 2012

31 Days to Seeing Through God's Eyes: Day 19-YOU ARE ORDINARY

Listen! Before you get mad and yell at the computer "I AM NOT ORDINARY" let me finish!

It was really hard for me to post this ordinary, make-up free, edit free picture of myself. I wanted to get rid of the wrinkles around the eyes. I wanted to airbrush it a little bit so the blemishes weren't so easily seen but I didn't. You know why?


This is the ordinary, everyday me. The me that gets up at 6am to get my 3 great kids ready for school. The me that packs my husbands lunch for work everyday. The me that makes the ONE ENTIRE HOUR round trip school route twice a day! The me that makes supper every night, bakes cookies for daycare, cleans out the garage, goes junkin' with my sister in law, plans events with a passion, listens to John Mayer, The Script and Jack Johnson while cleaning the house! Most importantly, the me that loves God with my whole heart, seeks out a relationship with Jesus and listens attentively to the Holy Spirit.

I have never been asked to guest post on a blog. My blog hasn't gone viral. don't have 100 followers (heck, I think there is just 3 lol). I haven't finished a 5k in less than 30 minutes. I haven't lost 100 pounds in a year. I haven't found my niche for organizing, fashion or hospitality and that is OK.

You see, the things that I have done. The things I do everyday, the ordinary things are more important to me.


Sometimes I find myself envious of others. Doesn't everyone?

That's when I remember Jeremiah 29:11 "For I know the plans I have for you..."

The plans that HE has for me is much better than the plans that I have for me. The plans for me to touch the few that surround me everyday. The plans for me to be a great friend, counselor and confidant. The plans for me to influence my children in a way no one else can. To be a game changer! That's the ordinary me I will be. That's the ordinary me I will proudly be.

What does the ordinary you look like?

I challenge you to find the magical in the ordinary you today. Celebrate her! Celebrate her accomplishments no matter how big or small. Don't compare her to someone else.

Love her for exactly the woman she is because she is extraordinary :)

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

31 Days to Seeing Through God's Eyes: Day 17-YOU ARE A THINKER

I recently read an "Unusual Fact" on Twitter. That unusual fact was this: "You can ALWAYS see your nose! Your brain just chooses to ignore it."

That really messed with me for a while. I mean I would cross my eyes and look at my nose then turn away and look at the TV or the wall and sure enough THERE WAS MY NOSE lol.

But then, I forgot about it. I quit focusing on my nose and my disappeared. I didn't think about it all day long! Guess what happened? Someone re-tweeted it and I saw it again. Because I turn my attention back to it, there was my nose again. In my thoughts, on my mind and ultimately in my way! I couldn't see around it.

Don't we do that sometimes with people? Don't we do that to ourselves? We all have faults and while we do not need to blind to our faults, we also don't need to focus on them so much that we go through our everyday life seeing nothing but the fault.

Genesis 30 contains a story about a man named Jacob. It's a great story and I encourage you to read it. The story ends with Jacob putting completely white cattle in front of striped and speckeled trees when they ate and drank and mated. They focused on these spotted and speckeled trees for what I think was a big majority of a cows day. I mean what else do cows do but eat, drink and make little cows?? Anyway, when these little baby cows were born guess what they were? The EXACT thing the moma and daddy cows meditated (focused) on...They were speckeled and spotted.

Moral of the story is that you will produce what you focus on. And you will notice more what you focus on. Your brain can't help it. If you are constantly reminding yourself that you are fat...when you look in the mirror your brain will see fat. You will produce FAT. This happens with everything. If you only see faults in people and that is what you focus on...Your brain will only remind you of only their faults and you will see every one of them. Know what's gonna happen? You are gonna ruin your relationship with this person.

So, what should you concentrate on????

Phillipians 4:8 tells us...
Finally, brothers and sisters, keep your thoughts on whatever is right or deserves praise: things that are true, honorable, fair, pure, acceptable, or commendable.

Find these things in others and focus on those parts of their personality. Focus on the noble, honorable things they do. If you can't find anything to love or anything positive about a person, simply find good because God loves them. build them up in your mind.

It's hard y'all...but with God's grace it can be done! It makes for a much happier life and healthier relationships.

The benefits of seeing people in a postive and good light is as plain as the nose on your face :)

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

31 Days to Seeing Through God's Eyes: Day 16-YOU ARE TALENTED

Some of my favorite days are the days that I spend the ENTIRE day cleaning, organizing and decorating and redorating then redecorating one more time just to make sure it is right.

For me, my creative juices get flowing by way of home decor.


I love decorating for Christmas, Thanksgiving, Fall, Summer, Spring, Birthday Parties, you name it and I wanna decorate.

Today I was wanting to put together something for fall on my porch. Everyone else has a pretty fall porch and I wanted one too. So, I set out to rummage through my stuff and find a few things then added a thing or two from Wally World and the result was this...

Pretty cute if I do say so myself and all for less than 10 bucks!

Did you know that you are creative as well?

Maybe you don't have the same creativity that I do but you have something. You have a talent. What is that talent? Is it painting or singing or dancing? Are you great at making budgets or organizing? Whatever it is, and there is you share it?

Romans 12:5-8
We have different gifts, according to the grace given us. If a man's gift is prophesying, let him use it in proportion to his faith. If it is serving, let him serve; if it is teaching, let him teach; if it is encouraging, let him encourage; if it is contributing to the needs of others, let him give generously; if it is leadership, let him govern diligently; if it is showing mercy, let him do it cheerfully.

I bet anyone can tell me what they are NOT good at but I dare you, I challenge you to discover what you ARE good at!!!

Then share it...

31 Days to Seeing Through God's Eyes: Day 15-HIS MERCIES ARE NEW EVERY DAY!

Funny that I am using this one today (for Yesterday).

You see, I went to bed last night knowing that I didn't blog for Day 15 and was full of guilt. Guilt and condemnation was in my heart and in my head. I went to bed anyway because I had a crazy and hectic day. I didn't feel like I was ANY of those things that God says I am. I knew that someone out there was waiting. Waiting for me to hit that publish/share button but I allowed my circumstances to overwhelm me.

I felt let down by life and angry at my family for some stuff that happened yesterday.

Guess what?

Lamentations 3:22-24 says "God’s loyal love couldn’t have run out, his merciful love couldn’t have dried up. They (his merciful love) are created new every morning. How great your faithfulness! I’m sticking with God (I say it over and over). He’s all I’ve got left."

That gives me hope. Hope for a new day. A clean slate. A do over.

Today is my chance for repentance (to change my mind about what I am seeing).

Today, I will take it.

God is just that good to me!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

31 Days to Seeing Through God's Eyes: Day 14- LET'S RECAP WEEK 2

If you have been following this blog, I really hope that you have been hearing from God about some of these truths I have been sharing. When I first started posting these I had a list of truths that I intended to share but after the first few days I scrapped the list and asked God to inspire me throughout the day. I don't know about you guys but they seem to be better with his inspiration. Go figure!!

One more time for those that might have missed something.

This is one of those truths that I use so often. Let me share a quick story and then I will move on.

In church today I heard God instruct me to do something and I did. It wasn't really hard so I jumped right on it. Well, on into service he instructed me to do something else and I hesitated. I didn't really want to because it really would have pushed me out of my comfort zone. I.SAT.IN.MY.SEAT. and guess what? I looked and someone else was doing what God had instructed me to do. HOW AWESOME IS MY GOD? He is awesome for 2 reasons...when I was disobedient, he chose someone else. When I was disobedient, he didn't condemn me and I will get another chance. That simple!

You know what?? No matter what your story IT IS IMPORTANT. It has significance. Your story makes you who you are and can affect the life of someone else. Don't think it isn't fancy enough. Don't think it's not extraordinary. Trust me, if you were a sinner and you were saved by grace that is extraordinary!! TELL SOMEONE!!

Noone can do what God created YOU to do. You were created to do something! Period. End of story! Figure out what that is and DO IT.

You are judged through Jesus! You are judged as holy, blameless, righteous, set-apart!! YOU ARE FREE from judgment of sin! Woot!!

You are an emotional being and that is ok! The most important statement from this post is this..."There is no place in the bible where it says emotions are catagorized as right or wrong." That is good news people!!!

"You are not the boss of him. You are only the boss of you."~Audrey Blaylock
Remember that!! You cannot tell someone else what to do. You control noone but yourself. You cannot make someone else do something and what others do or do not do is no reflection of who you are.

So there it is. The week in review. You can read more details by scrolling on down or pick the topic from the column on the right....

Enjoy yourself and read on...until next week!!


Saturday, October 13, 2012

31 Days to Seeing Through God's Eyes: Day 13-YOU ARE THE BOSS

While reading a blog by a friend of mine about her sweet boy Jack a statement she made sent my belly into butterflies. I didn't finish reading about her sweet boy because I knew day 13 had to come out NOW. Thanks Audrey :)

"You are not the boss of him. You are only the boss of YOU."~Audrey Blaylock

Think about that for a minute. "You are not the boss of him. You are only the boss of YOU."

Sweet Freedom.

Raise your hand if you have children. OK, stand up if you have ANY friends that sometimes make crazy mistakes. Lastly, give me a wave if you are married, have parents, bosses, co-workers or siblings! YUP! I think that covers everyone.

Now repeat after me... "You are not the boss of him. You are only the boss of YOU."

Do you understand what that means?

That means that it is not your responsibilty to correct them. It is not your fault for their actions or reactions. You are not their holy spirit. It is not your place to gently remind them of their failures in an attempt to make them "see their ways".

Matthew 7:3 says "Why do you see the speck that is in your brother’s eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye?"

The two commandments that Jesus gave is LOVE GOD and LOVE PEOPLE. Not once does he ever say "LOVE GOD. LOVE PEOPLE. TELL THEM WHAT TO DO AND HOW WRONG THEY ARE WHEN THEY MESS UP"

If you are loving God and loving people all the rest will work itself out. I know that there are exceptions to this rule. I know that sometimes God will give his children words or directions for others but I have NEVER and I repeat NEVER had a word from anyone that made me feel bad about myself. Never has a word from God felt judgemental, mean, accusatory or made me want to hide in a hole.

If you feel that someone is doing something BAD and God wants you to be the one to tell them, you better make sure it really is God you are hearing and not a version of YOU trying to be BOSS. LOVE NEVER FAILS. Pray about it.

PARENTS: Another nugget from my blogger friend...
If you have children that are going crazy, whether they are little or adult, YOU ARE NOT THE BOSS OF THEM. YOU ARE ONLY THE BOSS OF YOU. What do you think God thought when Adam botched it all up in garden? Do you think he moped around the heavens and said to, I really failed with that one? Sure, he grieved but not because Adam messed up and not because he messed up with Adam but because he would not have that relationship that he originally planned. Guess what happened?? PLAN B :) I can't tell you how happy Plan B makes me sometimes! He provided the fig leaf the consequences and moved on.

You should do the same! If you have some rebellion going on in your house and your kids are doing things that you feel are wacko...PROVIDE A FIG LEAF, THE CONSEQUENCES AND MOVE ON. You are not the boss of them. You are only the boss of you. Understand that I am not talking about hands off parenting here. You gotta be a parent. You gotta have some responsibility for your babies but there is a huge difference in BOSSING to have control and LOVING for obedience. I hope you understand the difference. If not, ask for help!

As you go through your relationship check list, always remember those little words...
"YOU ARE NOT THE BOSS OF THEM. YOU ARE ONLY THE BOSS OF YOU." Love people. Don't try to be their God. Don't try to be their holy spirit.

Life will be so much easier!

Friday, October 12, 2012

31 Days to Seeing Through God's Eyes: Day 12-YOU ARE EMOTIONAL

I think I have said with every 31 day post that it resignates with me so much. This one is no exception!

A couple of weeks ago I had a pretty big financial mess that created a lot of chaos in my mind. The guilt was unbearable. The failure I felt was heavy. The tears wouldn't stop. I am not talking a trickly. I am talking a faucet. Snot, swollen eyes, wailing... I didn't like it.


The more emotional I got the worse I felt.

You see, I was expecting myself to react a certain way when a trial came. I was expecting to be all unicorns and butterflys when the rubber met the road but that didn't happen. Because that didn't happen, I felt that I let God down. I let my family down.

In my mind, I felt fear which meant I lacked faith. I was nervous about the outcome of this financial situation which meant that I didn't trust God.

These were lies but I still felt that way.

A couple of my best girlfriends really helped talk me down. We all talked about the importance of our emotions. The way they gauge what's going on in our minds. We have actually discussed that God created emotions in us and it is healthy for us to release those. I got it but I didn't really GET it.

But then I read an excerpt from the most amazing, freeing book I have read in a long time!

"Is there a way to be honestly, blamelessly emotional? Is there a way to take off the mask of the fake fine, to speak the truth and not sin? In order to discover that option, I have to confront what I believe about my mood. As a good girl, I tend to think in extremes. Just as decisions are either right or wrong, emotions are either good or bad. Happy? Good. Sad? Bad. Joyful? Good. Disappointed? Bad. Compliant? Good. Confrontational? Bad. There is no place in the bible where it says emotions are catagorized as right or wrong." It goes on to say "Feeling scared meant I needed more faith. Feeling anger meant I needed more control. Feeling confused meant I needed to get it together and figure things out. In theory, I knew I was supposed to cast my fear, anger, and confusion on the Lord. But after "trusting" him with my circumstances, I thought it was MY RESPONSIBILITY TO CHANGE THE EMOTIONS AND KEEP MYSELF FROM EXPERIENCING THEM AGAIN" (emphasis and italics mine)

Can you say REVELATION?

You can have emotions and it is OK. It's ok to be scared. It's ok to be happy. It's ok to be angry, confused and even confrontational. At the same time, it's ok to be joyful and to laugh (alot).

Our God created emotions in us. He knows that we have emotions. He knows what type of emotions we will express before we let them out.

If your way of releasing stress is through crying then cry a river! Cry a river with a spirit free of condemnation. Crying doesn't mean you are weak.

If your way of releasing happiness is shouting then shout until your lungs are sore! Shout with spirit free of embarrassment.

YOU ARE EMOTIONAL and it is a good thing :)

Thursday, October 11, 2012

31 Days to Seeing Through God's Eyes: Day 11-YOU ARE JUDGED

That's right. I said it. YOU ARE JUDGED (ducking down to dodge the rocks you are throwing at me)! Before you JUDGE me let me finish.

IF you are a child of God. If you have accepted Jesus into your heart and realize that you need him as your Lord and Saviour YOU WILL BE JUDGED!

As a child of God you are judged as:







How does that make you feel on the inside? When I say to you that God sees you as PERFECT, HOLY, COMPLETE, BLAMELESS does that make you wonder how??

The only way God can see us that way is through Jesus! When the Great Exchange was made, Jesus traded his righteousness for our sin, the world as you know it changed. When God looks at a believer all he sees is Jesus! It's kinda hard to judge a man that was perfect as anything but perfect! Jesus was complete and blameless so when God looks at us and sees our spirit man guess what he sees?? Someone that is blameless and perfect.

Are we always perfect? Are we always blameless? HECK NO and ya know what? If we could be Jesus could have stayed with God and never endured the HELL he did for us.

An ongoing joke in my circle is that when someone is doing something "carnal" we will say "THEY NEED JESUS" and we laugh but it is so true.

EVERYONE needs Jesus. Do you know him? You should. It is life-changing! There is freedom. There is power. There is peace.

I don't know about you but I don't wanna be judged by anyone else other than God. I don't want to judge myself through anyone else's eyes but God's because I know what he sees when he sees me. What does he see when he sees you? If you are a believer and didn't respond with some of the above adjectives then get into the word. Find out for yourself the truth.

If you aren't a believer, know this! God is not mad at you! God loves you! He sent his son to die for you so that you could live in freedom. In completeness! In happiness and joy! With a carefree on him!


Wednesday, October 10, 2012

31 Days of Seeing Through God's Eyes: Day 10-YOU ARE SPECIAL

Did you ever watch Barney as a kid or have a kid that watched Barney? You know Barney...the big purple dinosaur!!

He had a song that I used to sing with Christopher. The lyrics were:
You are special, you're the only one. You're the only one like you. There isn’t another in the whole wide world who can do the things you do.

I didn't realize at the time how true those words were. These words are true for each person on this earth.


Let's take a look at Psalm 139:14 I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.
We are going to discect that scripture so just hold on to your hat. This will be good :P

Have you ever thought this? "God made me to be fearful and wonderful" I know I did until I started studying! :)

I checked out the Strong's Concordance and the word wonderfully in the greek is Palah. Palah means to be distinct. Just to dig a little deeper I looked up distinct too. Distinct means recognizably different in nature from something else of a similar type. The word fearfully in the greek is Yare. That word means to stand in awe of, be awed.

So let's read it again...

"I praise you because I am in awe and recognizably different; your works (me) are wonderful (extraordinary). I know that full well."

WOW!! That makes my heart happy people!!


Noone can do the things God created you to do.

Figure out what that is! Figure out what puts you in your "Sweet Spot". The place where grace and mercy flows. The place where you are effective. The place where you find peace. Are you a stay at home mom? Are you an excellant blogger? Are you a retailer? Are you a pastor? A teacher? Find your place...

However, you will NEVER find you place trying to be someone else. You cannot be yourself if you are mimicing what someone else is doing. You have to find your own way and you will. Most times, it is found in contentment. It is found in prayer. It is found in serving.

God created you in ONE person's image and that image is HIS. With that in mind, don't go around trying to be something your not.

Find your place. Ask God what you were created to do. Then step out and do it.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

31 Days to Seeing Through God's Eyes: Day 9-YOU HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY

Today in my Facebook notifications I have a "Word from God"...No, it wasn't like a real word of God but one of those app thingy's. However, the words spoke to me. They were:

On this day of your life, Michelle, we believe God wants you to know ... that today you can help a thousand people see God's light. Feel God's light shining within you and take a step to inspire someone else to shine. As you share this vision today with just one soul, that reaches ten lives that touch a thousand.

This inspired me to share with you that YOU HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY.

Everyone has a story. It may be a story that is filled with turmoil and grief. It may be a story filled with joy and laughter. It may be a thriller. It may be a romance. The ones I like most are the comedies. No matter what the story is; it is YOUR story. It is what makes YOU-YOU.

How many of you ever thought that noone could benefit from YOUR story? If you have then you are wrong.

Don't feel like God has given you nothing to share. I promise you that if you have breathe in your body, God has blessed you. Ask God what you should share. Ask God to reveal to you what part of your story would bless others.

I encourage you to share your story! YOU HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY!

Share it with me :) I would love to hear it!

Monday, October 8, 2012

31 Days to Seeing Through God's Eyes: Day 8-YOU ARE GIVEN SECOND CHANCES

Have you ever heard anyone say that God is a God of second chances? I hear that all the time and this fact is one that I am most grateful for.

True Story:

A couple of Sunday's ago a new family came to our church. I felt God nudge me to go introduce myself and welcome them. Well, not only was I disobedient I was BLATENTLY disobedient. I said to my friend, "I am going through the other door cause I don't wanna talk to them". I just wasn't in the mood. SERIOUSLY! Not in the mood. Anyway, I didn't think another thing about that until Monday morning when God gave me a second chance to be obedient. I ran into the mother of this family at Walmart. I took that second chance and I introduced myself to this wonderful lady. She was so sweet. Her and I have so much in common and I really hope that I get a chance to spend more time with her.

Here's the deal...

1. Had I been obedient the first time, I would have been in my confidence boosting church clothes. You know, the outfits that make you walk taller.


2. I learned that God really has a sense of humor. You see, I had rolled outta bed and into Walmart that day. It took much humility to walk up to this beautifully put together woman and introduce myself.

No matter how many times you mess up, you will get another chance. God isn't about keeping score. He is about allowing you to make your own choices! You own mistakes and he will always be there to remind you that you are loved. You are forgiven. You have another shot.

Another thing about these second chances...if you miss the mark, if you feel led to minister to someone, give a word to someone, etc and you decide that you just ain't gonna do it. Don't feel like the person is left out in the cold. You are not the ONLY person God talks to. You aren't the ONLY person that listens. God will use someone else to minister to them, give the word or whatever that thing is. BUT I MUST WARN YOU...OBEDIENCE IS THE BEST THING EVER. Have you ever heard of a "Runner's High"? That is kinda like what happens when you feel God talking to you, asking you to do something and you do it. It is like a natural high. The adrenaline flows, the heart pounds, the breathe gets heavy...IT.IS.A.GREAT.THING.

The defintion of true revival is: Immediate obedience to God.

If you are just obedient you will create a revival inside yourself.

But like I said before, if you miss it....the chance will come around again and again and again.

God loves you just that much!!

This wasn't supposed to be about obedience but God works that way sometimes!

A little blog humor:

Sunday, October 7, 2012

31 Days to Seeing Through God's Eyes: Day 7-LET'S RECAP

This past 7 days has really made me reach deep inside and search my heart and my belief system. Do I really practice what I am preaching? Sometimes I hit the bullseye but other times my mark is not even near the board. Those times when I find that I am not even close are the times that I enjoy because it means that I am not perfect. I know that I am teachable though and so I search and yearn to learn more of God's truths!

As you go through next week search your own heart and beliefs and be real with yourself. You decide if you believe what you have read this week. Do you believe that...

YOU ARE LOVED by the God of this universe? That no matter where you are or what you have done YOU ARE LOVED by a passionate and gentle God?

YOU ARE MORE THAN A CONQUEROR! No matter what your battle IT IS WON. Whatever you are facing the victory belongs to you because you are a child of God.

YOU ARE PROSPEROUS in every area of your life. You are rich in joy, peace, hope and love. Your relationships will flourish because the holy spirit is here to guide you.

THANK GOD FOR GRACE!! There wasn't a Day 5 because I slipped up and got busy but grace tells me that it is ok and keep going. We will talk about that grace soon enough :)

YOU ARE A FARMER!! You are today reaping what was sown BY YOU yesterday. If you want to reap something different try sowing something different.

The man in the above picture is my dad. He is a farmer! He doesn't use the mules anymore to plow but enjoys it every now and then! I got to see first hand the principle of reaping and sowing. It is an amazing thing and he is an amazing man! Just a little side note :)

Until next time...

Saturday, October 6, 2012

31 Days to Seeing Through God's Eyes-Day 6: YOU ARE A FARMER

To some the following statement may be confusing although others will know EXACTLY what I am referring to.

Ever heard the saying "You will reap what you sow"? Well, that is what a farmer does and you my friend, believer or not, do the same thing.

For the confused ones I hope to clear up the confusion!

Our life is a constant reminder of what we have sown. Why? Because you are sowing today what you will reap tomorrow! You are reaping today what was sown yesterday, last week, last year! WOW...

Just like a farmer who plants a seed in the ground then when the seed has had time to grow he goes out and harvest it. If he sows soy beans whether he wants it or not, he will reap (harvest) soy beans. It's a no brainer really.

Look at your bible and see all the verses regarding reaping and sewing.

Galatians 6:7-8 (msg)
Don’t be misled: No one makes a fool of God. What a person plants, he will harvest. The person who plants selfishness, ignoring the needs of others—ignoring God!—harvests a crop of weeds. All he’ll have to show for his life is weeds! But the one who plants in response to God, letting God’s Spirit do the growth work in him, harvests a crop of real life, eternal life.

Job 4:7 (msg)
It’s my observation that those who plow evil and sow trouble reap evil and trouble.

Hosea 8:7
Look at them! Planting wind-seeds, they’ll harvest tornadoes.

It's clear to me that I will reap what I sow!

My question to you is "What are you sewing?"

Are you sowing things of the flesh or things of the spirit?

It's easy to figure it out. Just take a look at what you are reaping. Are you reaping happiness, joy, peace, prosperity, a loving heart, forgiveness? If so, you are probably sowing in things of the spirit. However, if you are only reaping sadness, depression, financial issues, depression then there is a good chance that you are sewing to things of flesh.

Pray to God that you can figure out the difference! If you have sown to the flesh, PRAY FOR CROP FAILURE. Refuse to water those seeds. Do NOT continue to fertilize the soil with your thoughts or words. Ask God to give you wisdom regarding the situations and he will give it to you.

Remember as you go through your life YOU determine the harvest. YOU plant the seeds. YOU water the seeds. YOU fertilize the ground.

The decision is yours!


Thursday, October 4, 2012

31 Days of Seeing Through God's Eyes-Day 4: YOU ARE PROSPEROUS

Someone told me once that there are over 300 scripture references about prosperity. That makes it pretty clear that not only does God see his people (YOU) prosperous but he gave us the tools to be that way.

First and foremost, let me say that prosperity doesn't always refer to money so when you are reading this think about a couple of areas that you would like to prosper in or feel "rich" in. The principles will apply to anything really. Some of those areas could be:

1. Money (duh)
2. Relationships
3. Career
4. Home

Do any of those perk your ears up? Due to the state of the economy lately most ears perk up as soon as someone asks if you want to prosper in your finances so let's start there :)

First of all, look at this scripture in Deuteronomy. It says 17-18 If you start thinking to yourselves, “I did all this. And all by myself. I’m rich. It’s all mine!”—well, think again. Remember that God, your God, gave you the strength to produce all this wealth so as to confirm the covenant that he promised to your ancestors—as it is today." I can promise you that if you fail to be THANKFUL for what you have and realize that GOD is the provider and it's not all about YOU then you will find yourself miserable. So be THANKFUL peeps!!

Proverbs 3:9-10 make me wanna run around my living room. In fact, it gets a spot on my "Words to live by" white board in my kitchen! If you read this and you don't get excited you need to be checked over for a pulse :) It says "Honor God with everything you own; give him the first and the best. Your barns will burst; your wine vats will brim over." Excited yet? This scripture refers to giving! Giving of your best! Your first! In other words, TITHE people! Tithe and watch your BARN DOORS BURST OPEN. That doesn't say that your barn will have some extra back in the corner but that you will have so much that your BARN DOORS WILL BURST OPEN. GOD SEES YOU AS RICH. GOD SEES YOU AS PROSPEROUS. HE WANTS YOU TO HAVE MORE THAN ENOUGH.

There are some practical aspsects to increasing your income and paying bills of course and there are some great financial counselors. Ask for help if you need it but pray about it first. Don't seek ungodly counsel.

Close your eyes with me for a minute. Imagine that you just won the lottery. Imagine that Ed came to your door with the bouquet of balloons and the big check BUT instead of that check saying ONE MILLION DOLLARS it said PEACE, HOPE, LOVE, LAUGHTER, WHOLENESS. Would you be just as happy to have won that?


You are prosperous in all these things! You have more than enough of these things to have a wonderful life. The richness is there for the taking and if you are not tapping into it you are really missing out.

You may say to yourself, "I just don't FEEL it". I don't feel prosperous. Feelings are part of your emotions and you know what??? EMOTIONS change like the wind and you know what changes them?? YOUR MIND!


What are you thinking about? Are you following the advice of Phillipians 4:8?

Summing it all up, friends, I’d say you’ll do best by filling your minds and meditating on things true, noble, reputable, authentic, compelling, gracious—the best, not the worst; the beautiful, not the ugly; things to praise, not things to curse. Put into practice what you learned from me, what you heard and saw and realized. Do that, and God, who makes everything work together, will work you into his most excellent harmonies.

If you are thinking on things TRUE you will find that the father of TRUTH sees you PROSPEROUS in all areas of your life!

Turn off CNN, HOARDERS, HGTV, TLC or any of those channels that create a sense of lack in your emotions. It's hard to remember all the great things you have in your home if you are watching a show on TV that is showing you staged homes that noone lives in. That will mess with your THANKFULNESS and your EMOTIONS right there.

Just THANKFUL for what you have! Honor God with your firstfruits! Change your mind/emotions about your current status! Be practical in your financial life (this applies to relationships too) and if you ever doubt that God sees you as prosperous GOOGLE scripture on prosperity and see for yourself!!!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

31 Days to Seeing Through God's Eyes-Day 3: YOU ARE A CONQUERoR AND COURAGEOUS

I have thought about this post ALL DAY people. This one touches my heart so much because I know first hand that God not only SEES you as a conquerer but he sees you as the courageous heart that you are! He not only sees you that way but sent his Holy Spirit to help you believe that you are! To prompt you to do something courageous and conquer all things!

Who is a conqueror?
A conqueror is a person who overcomes by force. A conqueror presses through until he wins the battle. A conqueror looks at failure as a lesson and then presses on towards success. Even in the face of defeat, a conqueror does not quit. He persists until he gets his breakthrough. A conqueror attains victory by overcoming the enemy.

Have you ever longed to do something but were scared that you would fail? That's where God's grace moves you into a place of courage. His grace will be there to guide you to do that thing that you are longing for.

When I was 17 years old I weighed 117 pounds (and I thought I was fat HA!) Fast forward to 39 years old..4 children,NO EXERCISE and xx pounds added. I felt God tugging at my heart to run a 5k. The Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure! I have to tell y'all I was excited. I couldn't wait to try but I didn't really see it in my future, not running anyway. In the past, I have been a big quitter! But, let me tell you how good God is. He also put the same seed in the hearts of some other ladies that were very dear to me and the thoughts of looking at them every Sunday and Wednesday knowing that I quit was just unbearable to me. So, they signed up as well and so I was stuck LOL. I started training with the C25K app (sporadically) but still ate JUNK and really only drank water on the days that I ran. But a wise woman told me the more hydrated I was the easier it would be (thank God for wisdom). Another one told me to SLOW DOWN (more wisdom and thank God for inspiration and the grace to go slow). So, I slowed down..I hydrated..I prayed..I convinced myself! Well, the day came and I really wasn't sure that I could run this entire 5K but that NEVER came outta my mouth (another blog post) From start to finish I ran. I ran 3.16 miles. Was it hard? YES. Did I conquer it? YES. Did it take courage to take that first step? YES. But ladies (I don't think many men blog lol) I.DID.IT. We chanted "I can do all things...I can do all things..." and we did it. It took courage to take that first step! It took God CREATING
me as a conqueror and me seeing myself that way!

God sees me as a courageous spirit. God sees me conquering the world :) God sees me as a 5K runner. He doesn't see me as a quitter! He doesn't see me as frightened!

I finished that race and all other races in my life by standing on God's truth! His truth is "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me".

Romans 8:37-39. Yet in all these things we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us. For I am persuaded that neither death nor life, nor angels nor principalities nor powers, nor things present nor things to come, nor height nor depth, nor any other created thing, shall be able to separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Are you pursuaded that you are more than a conqueror? Are you pursuaded that God sees you that way? Are you ready to see yourself that way?

What race have you been called to start and find the courage to finish? With God, YOU can finish that race! YOU ARE A CONQUEROR!! YOU ARE COURAGEOUS!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

31 Days to Seeing Through God's Eyes: Day 2-YOU ARE LOVED

To say that God loves you is such a generic thing to me now. Our society throws the word LOVE around like the penny. Like it doesn't have much worth and most people nowadays walk over pennies seeing that they are useless and they treat love the same way.

I have a two teenage daughters that LOVE everything from Adam Levine to Giraffes, from chocolate gravy to macaroni and cheese, from Chaco's to Tom' get my drift? Sometimes I find myself wondering if they really know what the word LOVE really means and I know deep in my heart that they don't. I know deep in my heart that neither of them would be willing to DIE for any of those things nor would they be willing to sacrifice their first born for them! But God did just that!

In case you didn't know, John 3:16 (The Message) says “This is how much God loved the world: He gave his Son, his one and only Son. And this is why: so that no one need be destroyed; by believing in him, anyone can have a whole and lasting life. God didn’t go to all the trouble of sending his Son merely to point an accusing finger, telling the world how bad it was. He came to help, to put the world right again." Can you imagine a love so great that you would be willing to sacrifice your FLESH and BLOOD just so others could live? I have tried to imagine that and I have NEVER been able to wrap my head around it.

I looked up the word Love in Webster and don't think they quite get it either (HA!) It says that Love means a stong or constant regard for and dedication to someone. But I can tell you that this doesn't even scratch the service.

The God of the universe is WILD about you! He looks at you through eyes of compassion. His heart skips a beat when he thinks of you. He would trade his favorite snack at lunch with you everyday. He enjoys listening to you sing and for those of us that sound less like a song bird than others that is a really big deal.

It's hard for me to put into words how God feels about you. It's hard for me to describe for you in black and white what this love really means but God can show you. God can speak straight to your heart if you ask so why not do that today?

Ask God to show you what it looks like "Seeing yourself LOVED through his eyes"

I did and it changed my life!!

Monday, October 1, 2012

31 Days to Seeing Through God's Eyes-Day One

Hey Guys!! My name is Michelle and I am new at this 31 day blogger stuff.

I know first hand how hard it can be to see yourself through the eyes of God. Especially if you have had any past at all.

For some of us ladies, learning God's truths about ourselves came later in life and now we are having to rewrite and relearn how beautiful and loving that we are.

31 days of seeing through God's eyes will show us the truth about ourselves as God sees us. Teach us how to rewrite the truths on our hearts and realize that although life can be tough we can still have JOY in the journey!!

Come along :)