Tuesday, October 30, 2012

31 Days to Seeing Through God's Eyes: Day 30-YOU ARE SEEN

Do you ever feel alone in a room full of people? I sure have and sometimes I still do.

However, one thing I have learned from my experience with the loneliness is this:

Most times, I have created the wall the separates me from the crowd but sometimes it is just a vain imagination. Of course, it could be that everyone in the room is tired of hearing my "junk", listening to me whine and they really ARE ignoring me (LOL).

Either way, I have to remember that if NOONE else in this world ever chooses to sit beside me, if NOONE else ever chooses to invite me to lunch or a dinner party, if NOONE else ever SEES me in my happy times or my times of need GOD SEES ME.

Think about Haggar a minute. She was going along minding her own business working for Abraham and Sarah. Sarah asked something of her and she did it then Sarah turned on her. Because Sarah was so mean to her Haggar fled to the desert(side note: Haggar's name means "Flight", interesting huh?)

Anyway, while out in that desert you know Haggar must have felt invisible. Invisible to everyone around her-especially to God. But then an angel appeared. Another side note: God didn't wait for Haggar to come to him...he met her where she was in her desert. Everyone knows the story. After the angel appeared to her and gave her instruction, Haggar gave God the name "El Roi" the God who sees!! He sees US. He sees YOU and ME. He sees that we are scared. He sees that we need comfort. He sees when we are happy and when we celebrate. He sees everything and CARES about US. That is such an amazing thing.

Remember that no matter where you are...in the desert by no fault of your own or in a room full of people YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

God sees you!

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