Wednesday, August 22, 2012

My First "How to..."

I have never, ever done a "How to..." anything! Why? Because I don't guess that I have every really "Done" anything creative much. Well, a couple of months ago while doing a book club I read that the bedroom should be the best room in the house (for obvious reasons)! I had painted an spiffy uped the rest of the house but neglected our bedroom! So, I started to make-over my room and it was SO MUCH FUN!

Since then I started looking for other things to spiffy up! I came across this side bar and thought that it would look great in my kitchen. I brought it home and got to work.

This is what it originally looked like! Kinda old fashion and boring!

I decided I would remove the hardware and paint them a chestnut brown! It still amazes me what a can of Valspar spray paint can do!

The colors I chose were Willow Tree (for the body) and Mustard Yellow (for the doors and drawers)! I used Flat Olympic paint (the cheapest at Lowe's) and NO PRIMER! Oh yea, I learned from another blogger that foam rollers worked really well so I grabbed a sample one of those! Not impressed but they worked ok.

After painting the doors and drawers, I let them dry thoroughly and replaced the hardware!

Once I started painting the body of the piece I realized I SHOULD'VE USED PRIMER :)

A few coats later and this is what we have!!!

It really was a simple thing to do! What did I learn from this project?
1. Always use primer.
2. Paint OUTSIDE
3. Splurge on a better quality of paint

However, always go for it! It was lots of fun!

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