Friday, August 17, 2012

I choose the...

I have to take the time to share this little miracle story about God's healing of this little girl right here!

Moving on!

Alyssa went to the fair a couple of Saturday's ago and when she came home she noticed a spot on her leg that looked like a mosquito bite. Days passed and it started swelling and turning really, really red and a yellowish gross spot came up on top!


Like most things medical, I decided it was nothing and that it would probably go away soon! Well, her dad isn't as laid back as me and he INSISTED that I take her to the doctor so this past Saturday I did just that!

We went in to see the doctor and of course, she just pushed and pushed around it and looked at it. She finally decided that she should lance it and send the contents to the lab to find out exactly what type of issue we had. After opening up this wound/bump/cyst/boil or whatever it was she looked up at us and said "Yep, it is DEFINATELY either Staph or MRSA but we will not know for sure until Friday."
so, with two very strong antibiotics we headed home. Four antibiotics a day is what she prescribed. Four very harsh antibiotics! Four make my poor baby girl so sick to her stomach that she missed school antibiotics! We had to take those for 10 days and wait for test results.

So it one, day two, day three, day four, day five, day six...everyday sick!

Let's back up to Day one of the antibiotics! It was Sunday! At our church we believe that the miraculous healing of God belongs to everyone. You don't have to drudge up enough faith to get it. You don't have to give in every offering to get it. You don't have to have enough good works to get it. You just have to believe that by his stripes we are healed. We also believe in the laying on of hands! On Day one, my pastor (the best one out there) called for anyone with sickness to raise their hand for prayer and the prayer teams would gather round and lay hands on them and it began. The prayers going up and the healing coming down :)I didn't know it until later that Alyssa had raised her hand for prayer for her leg. She didn't tell me until after church. She said "Mom, Jason Seyer prayed for my leg today. He isn't on one of the prayer teams so I hope it worked". I laughed at her and told her I was sure it would because you didn't have to be part of a team, etc., etc., etc.


Moving on to DAY SIX...the doctor's office called this morning and said to me "Alyssa's urine culture was negative for all bacteria. That's great news and have a good day" and she hung up shocked I didn't really say anything to the lady because I was thinking "Alyssa didn't have a urine culture" AND she hung up on me. She must have had a lot of calls to make. I kinda chuckled and said to Jason "Huh! Nothing is wrong with Alyssa's urine LOL"....I called back and verified that she meant WOUND culture and she said yes and still no bacteria! Well good!!

If you know anything about Staph or MRSA you know it NEVER leaves your body. It is dangerous! It can be lethal. It is extremely contagious when you come in contact with an open wound of someone infected and that wound could be as small as a paper cut. Alyssa would have this in her body for the rest of her life!!!

I was happy with that info but the info that came next FLOORED ME. It floored me because I almost missed it. I almost passed right over it. I almost swept it away! YOU GET IT??

In the kitchen and here it goes:
God: Michelle, you are gonna miss it.
Me: Miss what?
God: My healing.
Me: I don't need healing.
Me: OH HOLY MOSES!!!!! I almost missed it.

It hit me like a ton of bricks! She stepped out. She raised her hand. She and Jason asked for healing from our Father and he gave it!!!!!!

The doctor didn't misdiagnose my girl. The doctor didn't miss the mark! My God hit the mark right on the bullseye and that bullseye was JESUS. Every stripe he took was for that spot on my daughters knee! Every thorn was for that staph or MRSA that attempted to grow in her body! MY GOD HEALED MY DAUGHTER and I almost missed it.

How many times do we miss it? How many times do we chalk up miraculous healings to misdiagnosis? How many times do we say "The doctor must have read the test wrong?" When the reality is that the GREAT DOCTOR intervened!

Jason laughed at me cause he said I was walking around all cocky like talking about God taking care of my girl but you know what, when you know that God is on your side you feel like you are 10 feet tall and bullet proof!

Some of you will choose to go with the misdiagnosis...

But with the antibiotics in the trash and my little girl Staph and MRSA free, I will choose to go with the miracle!

Which will you choose??

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