Wednesday, July 25, 2012

What's Your Truth?

I saw this today on Pinterest and my heart broke a little. It seems to me that this is what some of us women are sewing into our daughters or other young ladies and we don't even know it.

This point hit home with me a couple of days ago. My wonderful hubby had been out of town for 8 WHOLE DAYS working in the 100 degree weather from sun up to sun down. He was dealing with irrational coaches and over protective parents during one of the hottest summers we have ever had. He was doing this to provide for our family while I was home playing house with the kiddo's.

On Sunday I got a text from him saying that he was leaving and would be home soon. He was coming home about 6 hours sooner than I expected.

I went into panic mode. I wanted my hard working husband to come home to dinner, a clean house, a dressed up wife, bathed kids and a happy home! You know what I mean....but HE.WAS.EARLY. My house was a mess. The kitchen sink was full of dishes, the laundry was running over, etc.

Now this post could be about procrastination but it's's about what came out of my mouth and how what I say about my marriage is effecting my girls. I said in my panic..."I have to get home to clean the house of Jason is going to MAD"..."I have so much to do or he is going to get us!" How many times do I say that. How many times do I BLAME the hubby for me having to clean the house, cook supper or keep the van clean??? But you see...that isn't true!! I do those things because I love him but to me that sounds so "uncool". Let's clean the house because I love Jason...Let's keep the van clean bc daddy works hard and we should appreciate it...I have bought into societys view of marriage. I have allowed society to impress upon my heart that doing things for my husband and my family because I WANT too make me weak.

This didn't occur to me until my oldest daughter said to me that she didn't want to get married. When we asked her why her response floored me, she said "I don't think I want someone to depend on me all the time and make me do things that I don't wanna do"

OUCH!! Is that the way I portray my husband? Is that the way what we are teaching our children about marriage? Are we teaching our kids that Mommy has to do things so that Daddy will not be mad? Are we teaching our kids that Mommy is the one that is the victim and Daddy is the bad guy?

Examine your heart...what do you say? Are you doing things out of love? If so, tell the world. Don't let today's society convince you of the lie! The lie that REAL women are being held back by the overgrown children they marry! That marriage and kids are a hassle. Teach them that strong women teach their daughters the truth about marriage. The truth about raising kids. Strong women, Godly women raise up strong and Godly women knowing truth!

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