Sunday, July 22, 2012

How many things can you do in a week??

So this sweet man has been out of town working his caboose off with BPA World Series!

You know what they say..."When the cat's away, the mice will play" and these mice have been hard at it. To recap:

I took my girl Emilee out driving. She does so well. She goofs around a little but for the most part she drives between the yellow and white lines. She doesn't try to go to fast. She doesn't seem nervous at all. Everyone knows a nervous driver is the worse kind. However, now she asks to drive ALL THE TIME!

Let's see...I have been a craft-a-holic!! I found this amazing table at the Habitat Restore for Jase. It was an ugle blue so I painted it white. I made some swaps (toys for chairs) and have the cutest little table and chair set up for my little man all for $3! I also saw on pinterest where some made "Baseball Letters". I already had the letters so I just spruced them up a little... Here they are before and after...

Like most women I have an insane obsession with my hair. I love it/I hate it. I want it curly/I want it straight! Well, my good girlfriend Penny told me about a Pravana Beach Wave Perm so here are the results:

Let's see...Alyssa, Jase and I spent lots of time TOGETHER! We hung out at Cane Creek Park feeding ducks, playing and throwing rocks in the water!

OH YEA...Emilee and I conquerored my dreaded 20 minute run. I now believe that I can conquer the world :)

Our final fun day was on Friday with a girl day in Crossville with my friend Becky and her daughter Allie. I hope that Allie and my girls are great friends when they grow up like Becky and I are!

I love times like these. When I am able to do whatever I want with the kids and friends without worrying about getting home to clean house or cook supper BUT I love being a wife and can't wait for things to get back to normal!!

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