Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Vacay from Heaven...part one

Most of my friends know that I just took a vacation to see my parents. It was probably no definately the BEST vacation we have ever had. This fact alone is completely contrary to what we should have been doing as two unemployed adults with 4 children. That just goes to show how AWESOME my God is. When you give God your first fruits of everything the blessings just roll in. One of those blessings being this time with my family.

We drove all night to get to the great state of NC. The kids slept most of the way (all but Emilee whom I have discovered is a major complainer when she is sleep deprived). It was amazing watching the sunrise with my husband beside me. Watching that sunrise just reminded me that God's mercies are new everyday and like the sunrise he is steady and always. I tried so hard to get a picture but I couldn't. Bummer huh?

This year we were able let Alyssa take a friend with her. Her name?? Miss Kelsey Mullins! What a blessing she is. This little girl belongs in my family and will have a spot with us anytime she needs it. She is the sweetest thing. Manners like you would not believe. Everything we did, regardless of the activity, was greeted with a "Thank You" and "This is so much fun" and honestly I am sure some of it was quite boring for a 14 year old. Jase loves her too. They are for sure new friends!

Any family with children should know the first thing we did was hit the pool. Oh the glorious, refreshing, cold pool. I WILL own a pool in the 5 years. I will float around in the crystal blue water on one of those floats with a cup holder. On the deck will be a table with chairs and umbrellas. There will lights all around the pool and the radio will play Zac Brown Band.

On Friday we hung with the family. We went to visit my Grandma! Now my Grandma Dorothy is something else. She is southern as they get. We warned Kelsey before we went that she would call her "Shug" more than Kelsey and she sure held true. Grandma Dorothy is a woman after God's heart. I don't remember her missing church much. In fact, she is the reason I ever knew church existed. I remember when I was a little girl thinking that my Grandma was a little nutty because she was constantly talking to herself. Years later I realized she was praying! While cooking she prayed for everyone in the room. How cool is that? This is her...Isn't she cute?

My parents have the coolest place to live. There is farmland all around and why not? They are farmers so that makes sense doesn't it. This wheat field made me think about the wheats and tears story in the bible I had to take the picture! My parents only farm corn and soybeans but this pic was cool.

Growing up I remember helping my mom in the garden and complaining about it often. Digging up potatoes makes for gross and dirty finger nails! Friday I remembered how much I miss that life. The carefree life of a child with your parents taking care of you. The fun memories that you make as a child should be cherished. Jase got to experience that with my mom!

Jase spent Saturday with my parents at the Mule Plowing Contest. My dad has mules named Jack and Jill and man, he has trained those mules to work! Here he is practicing! He won 2nd place first time out by the way!! We were proud of him!

Saturday was the day! We headed to Wrightsville Beach in Wilmington NC!

With no little man we were able to do some more grown up stuff. Of course, THE BEACH..

We had such a good time on the beach. We relaxed and laughed and talked. We really got to spend some time with my brother and sister and my sister in law!

The water park was for the girls, literally! All the girls hit Jungle Rapids and had a blast. The water was COLD but the water slides and lazy river was the bomb! I didn't get pics though because we were up and down ladders constantly! To much fun for the camera!

After that, we headed to downtown Wilmington to walk on the Riverwalk. Cape Fear River is beautiful. If you have ever seen the movie "Cape Fear" then you have seen the Cape Fear River. The movie was shot here! We ate at Front Street Brewery and just walked around and enjoyed the scenery!

We relaxed on Sunday and the fun started again on Monday! Stay tuned for part 2...

Hope you enjoyed my vacay as much as I did!

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  1. Sounds lovely! So glad you had a great time!