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Having, exhibiting, or motivated by no concern for oneself; unselfish.

Having little concern for one's own interests.

I witnessed a small example of this at our Christmas Eve service and it warmed me to the core. Why it touched me so much I am not all together sure but it did and it got me to thinking. What if we were ALL like this ALL.THE.TIME.

The Miller's are a super sweet couple at my church. To watch them from the outside you would think that they had it all together. They agree on most things and when they don't they just kinda agree to disagree. You would never think that their home would ever hear a raised voice and they would NEVER argue to the point of anger. However, I really know them. I know K enough to know that she has her own opinion and expresses it when she feels strongly about something. I know that she is her father's daughter and can be stubborn and headstrong. I also know J. He is THE man. He is the head of his house. He is strong and just as expressive when it comes to his opinion.

Behind the scenes this couple really isn't PERFECT :) I know it was a shocker to me too.

Anyway, in the middle of a special they were singing during the Christmas Eve service J somehow dropped his guitar. I think maybe his guitar strap came loose. Anyway, with her voice still singing beautifully, K walked right over and fixed the strap for him. He continued to play. He never missed a chord. She never got off key. Truth is, this probably had no impact on either of them. Not like the impact it had on me.
To me, it was the sweetest thing. She didn't care that she was in the middle of singing. She didn't care that the whole church was watching. All she saw was that her fellow human, her husband, a person needed help and she didn't hesitate.

She was selfless.

How many would have stood their oblivious to the need?

How many of us would have been so focused on us that we wouldn't have even noticed?

How many would have worried that if they stepped out of place on stage someone would notice? The song wouldn't be perfect?

How many would have left it up to him to fix it on his own?

Phillipians 2:4 says this "Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others."

Who's interest are you looking out for?

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