Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Things aren't always what they seem...

Everyone seems to be doing the whole resolution thing but unlike everyone else I have none. There are things that I would like to do more more organized, drink more water, eat healthier, drink the green smoothy thingy for 30 days, say "I love you" more, mend fences with my dad (for real), etc. Fact is, I may do some of things for a few days or even weeks but more likely than not, I will give up, quit, forget or just not want to do something and not do it.

Therefore I do not make resolutions.

However, I do like to look back at the past year of my life and see how it has changed and see how differently it looks. See what I have done to make a difference in my life and the lives around me.

I must not have done much because I can't remember a whole bunch of stuff but I do know that whether I did one thing or 50 things;I have a life to celebrate and that is what matters!

Let's see...what did I do in 2012?

Took a REAL vacation with my family. One that included an itinerary and everything.

Celebrated my 1 year anniversary.

Got fired from my job (the first time ever)

Landed a sweet job that is much better than the one that I was eliminated from.

Strengthened some relationships with some awesome ladies.

Swallowed my pride and let those ladies inside to my ugly areas so we could let some healing begin.

Ran a 5K...that's right RAN a 5K...from beginning to end.

Discovered a sweet relationship with my sister in law. One that I have longed for for such a long time.

Moved into a cute little farmhouse.

Discovered a love of John Mayer, Jason Mraz, Jack Johnson and all those laid back easy listening guys! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them all.

Found my crafty side.

Grew so much closer to my God that I can't explain it in words.

Took the advice of a super awesome drama mama about my kiddos and have the sweetest relationship with them now.

Went to see Jesus Culture! They totally rocked it.

Lost a sweet friend in a car accident.

Graduated from bible school and taught on a subject that is the foundation of our church (gulp)

I am sure there is so much more but it's hard to remember! One resolution I will make is to journal more this year. Only so that I can look back and remember what my life was like.

I like to think that looking at your life year to year should be like looking at a remodeled house. It was ok and liveable the year before but it sure does look improved now. If it doesn't, perhaps you should buy a hammer and some nails and get busy.

Make your 2013 a year of remodeling!


  1. One of the reasons I make resolutions is that withot them I seem to just drift aimlessly. I don't beat myself up if I don't do every thing perfectly, but at least I have something to keep me moving forward. I once hears aim at nothing and that is what you will hit.

    1. I should have clarified. I do set goals :) I just have a different name for my resolutions.

      Just makes me feel better

      Thanks for reading! Come back anytime!