Monday, January 28, 2013

Pantry Make-Over

Well...I am not really sure why I am blogging about this.

Maybe because everyone else does? Maybe because I am proud of my pantry and the work I put into it? Regardless, I am posting pictures and telling how I did it...just for me!

About 2 rent checks ago we moved into an old farmhouse out on the Ridge in Baxter. This house is very cramped for my family of 5 but I love it. It is quaint. It is cute. It is charming. It is OLD. I don't think it has been updated in 15 years so I am starting with a bare slate to say the least.

Since we are digging out of a money hole I have limited resources to update this house and don't want to dump money into something we don't own.

I had noticed a post about organizing pantries from A Bowl Full of Lemons and thought WHY NOT?

I am taking ideas as I need them.

Now I am not nearly as extravagant as she is but here it goes...

BEFORE is kinda sad and blah huh?

But AFTER is cute and sassy (at least I think so)

All I did is throw some contact paper used for shelving up in the back and used things I had at the house! Didn't cost me one penny. Now that is redecorating on a dime!

If I could just get the hubby to agree to remove the doors I would be happy! It still needs a little work but Hey, gotta start somewhere :)

Redo yours and share the pics with me...

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