Tuesday, January 29, 2013


I saw this photo today on Pintrest and boy did it strike a nerve. You see originally it said "You were given this life because you are stong enough to handle it". The lines through the last part are mine.

Can I just say that it struck a nerve. I don't mean I got a little riled up. I mean I was A.N.G.R.Y. I was angry for several different reasons.

1. You are given this life because YOU MADE CHOICES.

2. Why does today society refuse to take responsiblity for those choices?

3. It is so unfair, not to mention wrong, to blame God for what is going on in your life. Maybe it wasn't YOUR choices that put you in your situation but it certainly wasn't HIS.

This may be more of a rant than a blogpost because I am finding that I am passionate about this.

I think about my life and some of the choices that I have made and all the people I could blame for my place in this journey but you know what???? I CHOSE to take this road. It was my CHOICE. I can promise you that God never intended for me to struggle financially, look shame in the face and take it on, feel rejection all the way to my core and he certainly did not give me a time of sorrow because I AM STRONG ENOUGH TO HANDLE IT. No, my choices gave me those times in my life but because of my FAITH in GOD I was strong enough to handle it. Because I knew that he never left my side no matter how low I sank, I was able to rise up out of that.

I know it is easier to blame someone else for where you are. I know it is a whole lot less painful to point the finger and say that it is "God's Will" for you when you mess up. I know that sometimes playing the martyr feeds the ego but I also know that NONE of those things will create an overcomer! None of those EXCUSES will bring you to a place of joy. You will continue to struggle. You will continue to go around and around and around the same issues! Let's be the conqueror's we are called to be people!

I would bet my life, yes MY LIFE, that GOD does not get his way all the time. He is NOT in control of everything. If that was the case do you really think that EVERY.SINGLE.PERSON wouldn't be saved? That is why he sent his son. Don't believe me? Read John 3:16 for yourself. It doesn't say so that a few would know his son...he said so that THE WORLD would know his son. Pretty sure that means EVERYONE. Do you think if God controlled all of our actions that the abortion clinics would still be killing babies EVERY.SINGLE.SECOND.? I don't think so. There would be no children starving, no women raped, no men murdered, no tornados, hurricanes, tsunami or any other natural disasters...life would for sure be unicorns and rainbows.

So, before you think that picture that was posted on pintrest is cute, before your repin it, before you buy into that prideful statement... you need to remember that you are given this life because you chose it not because you are stong enough to handle it.

I think it should read "I was given this life because of the choices I made. I am conquering my mistakes because I know Jesus!"

Just sayin'

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