Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Day two...Epic Fail

Well, I absolutely did not start or even think about my budget today. I have learned that God has new mercies for me everyday so tomorrow I will try again.

I did however, fill out my FAFSA and apply at Tenn Tech. So, I am well on my way to improving my Job situation along with furthering my education...GO Michelle.

Wait, as I type this I am realizing that I did pay Alyssa's braces off today so that counts for something!! That will have an impact on my budget for sure! aaahhh...sweet redemption!

Did I wake up at 5:30? H to the No! I didn't. My sleepy self stayed right in bed until 6:15 but to my advantage NO SCHOOL so that means NO CHAOS. Tomorrow though...pray for me!

Let's see...Alyssa was a pro at cooking supper tonight! That simple lifestyle change may stick around and for those health conscious people out there, I wasn't hungry so I didn't eat. That falls under my health category right??

So about the whole house thing!! I live in a house that I rent and I am really trying to make it my own. My sweet landlady that I rent from doesn't mind me doing anything to the house that will improve it aside from tearing down walls and stuff so I am doing what I can with paint and puttering. My dilema at the moment is my bedroom. I have gray, black and red in there now with WHITE walls. Jason and I received a beautiful red and yellow quilt that his grandmother made (she passed away recently so it is such a sentimental gift). It is bold and bright and I would love suggestions of ways to use it in my room even if I have to redecorate completely!! Any suggestions?

So for tomorrow?? Budget, getting up on time (5:30), pray that I am accepted into the Regents online program through Tech and receive 100% of my schooling paid for, take the high road (I can do it) and love people!!


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