Sunday, January 1, 2012

"New" Year's Day

Is it a coincidence that January 1st was named "New" Years Day? I don't think so. As I was thinking about this today, I got to thinking about how awesome it is that I can go into this "New" year knowing that my God makes all things "New". One of the new things that my heart is yearning for in 2012 and going on forever is simplicity. I just read the blog of a friend and she said that the holy spirit has been whispering "Limitless" to her and I wanted to jump and shout because her limitless is my simplicity. I have been praying about this since I found myself at a crossroads not knowing what I wanted to do with my life. My days were passing by me with nothing to show. The same ol' monotony was eating at me from the inside out. God started showing me it was not the monotony that was getting to me. It was the fear of chaos and failure that was holding me back. I can have an amazing, fun-filled, action packed life that is full of simplicity. NO CHAOS! Maybe some failure but that's ok. Yea God, that sounds like a plan!!! Let's do this!

So, here is where I am...
I have spent the last month of my life talking to God about all of things that consume me. Things that I want to be different but am scared to tackle. Here is what I have come up with...
1. My House
2. My Job
3. My Car (or lack of LOL)
4. My Finances (holy cow my finances)
5. My Relationships
6. My Kids (the morning routine is enough to make a nun cuss)
7. My Schedule
8. The Race (code word for something else that will follow in detail)
9. My marriage
10.My Health
11.My Hobbies (wait, what hobbies? EXACTLY)
12. My Education
13. My Priorities

Now these things are not in any particular order and it's funny that this is the order that they come to mind which is why I had to add a #13 because reading over these and the order in which I listed shows a mix up in priorities huh? goal, my hope, my desire is to take each catagory and find a way for God to show me how I can simplify each area so that I have such clarity and love of life that I take the world by storm. It's gonna take discipline but I want to do all things on purpose! Get ready folks...Here I come!!

PS...any suggestions, advice, help, guidance, etc would be greatly appreciated!!

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