Friday, November 16, 2012

5 Minute Friday: Stay

Let's go...

There were so many things that came to mind when I read the word STAY but what sticks out the most are my two boys.

Christopher is 21 and Jase is 3.

They are both moma's boys. They love their moma. Most boys do don't they? But their love is different.

Their love is sweet. Their love is unconditional. Their love is sappy.

They look at me like the girls don't. When they look at me they see safety. They see shelter.

I remember seeing in Christopher the vulnerablity that I see in Jase today. That heart that is easily broken.

I know that without a doubt they would both fight for their moma and their moma would fight for them.

Noone will ever be good enough for my boys.

I never want them to be anyone's boys but mine.

I want them to stay that way forever.

I want them to stay small at heart.

I want them to stay vulnerable.

I want them to stay open and full of fun.

I want them to stay just the way they are.

I want them to stay!

Time's up!


  1. What a spread in ages of your boys! I love that their love sappy. Our children can't stay with us. We know that. But that they stay small in heart and vulnerable--that would be my prayer, too. And that they would stay in Him. They're great-looking boys!

    Hopping over from Lisa-Jo's. Have an awesome weekend!

  2. Aww! sweetness! Boys pull a special heart string, that's for sure! :)