Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Where to go from here...

Where do we go from here?

That is the question most Romney supporters are asking themselves this morning since the election did not go in the direction that we had prayed for. That is the question I asked myself this morning as well. Because of the election?? Maybe but more because at this point in my life I am searching...

I am searching for a direction that has been made clear to me by my God but my pride will not shut up long enough for me to follow the path.

I am searching for this woman in me that loves God more than life and longs to raise Godly children, have Godly friends and make Godly decisions. She is in there but she hides. She hides behind a mask of fear of facing rejection.

I am searching for words to say everyday that may change someone's life, especially mine.

I am searching for my identity in this world.

I am searching for a purpose for this blog in the hopes that it touches someone's heart.

I am searching for a life that will be an example to those around me. An example of hope, triumph, worship and love.

After the shock has worn off, after the smoke clears and real life starts again what are you searching for?

Are you searching for your place of success in life? A career? A dream? A purpose?

What are you searching for?

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